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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

An Annual Writing Challenge

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Name:A Picture is Worth 1000 Words
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:An Annual Writing Challenge
#1. The Original

The first year, the idea was simple: one picture per participant, to be either the basis or the inspiration for a story of exactly 1000 words. It turned out to be a lot more challenging (and fun!) than anyone expected!

#2. Take Two: Double Prints

In the second go round, participants were allowed to choose from two pictures instead of one, but the word count requirement remained the same!

#3. Third Time's a Charm

In the third installment of the challenge, participants were given pictures that involved the number 3.

#4. The Four Seasons

Participants chose a season, and received a picture based on that.

#5. Elemental

Participant's pictures were based on one of the five elements of Chinese philosophy: earth, water, fire, wood, and metal.

#6. Roll Them Bones

Participant's pictures were based on a number from 1-6, taken from the random roll of a die.

#7. Hi, Roy!

Participant's pictures were based on one of the seven colors of the visible spectrum (aka ROY G. BIV).

#8. Year Ate

Participant's pictures were based on food.

#9. Dressed to the Nines

Participant's pictures were based on fashion/clothing.

#10. A Perfect 10

Participant's pictures will be of something the photographer considered "perfect".

#11. Group 11

Participant's pictures included transition metals of copper, silver, and gold.

#12. The Great Race

Participant's pictures were based on the Chinese zodiac, and pictures featured one of the animal representations of each sign.

#13. Unlucky You

Pictures were based on unlucky or superstitious omens and symbols.

#14. Money (That's What I Want)

Pictures were based on currency and valuables.

#15. Super-Singular

Pictures were based on singular or solitary subjects.

#16. Just Desserts

Pictures are based on sweet treats.

  • All stories must be exactly 1000 words in length. Any fandom, pairing, rating or genre is welcome.

  • Participants will receive only ONE picture; however, if the muse strikes, participants may write more than one story based on the single picture. The story/stories can be part of a larger series only if each can stand alone.

  • All stories for the current challenge are to be completed no later than March 31, 2017. Participants may post their stories any time prior to that, in whatever forum they wish, a link in this community is required.
  • This is an open community, and all participants in the challenge are invited to join; if you don't have a dreamwidth account, please provide your Tumblr/Twitter/other user name during sign-up.

  • This community is intended to be place for participants to either post entire stories, or link to stories posted elsewhere, only; other types of posts may be deleted at moderator's discretion.

  • As a consideration to other users, please use an lj-cut on all stories and/or pictures.

  • If a picture is included in a post, the participant is required to upload it to her/his own webspace. Please note any rights/restrictions for your assigned image before using or posting elsewhere. This community does not claim any rights to any used in the challenge.

  • Finally, please be respectful of one another; any/all inflammatory or insultory comments will be deleted.
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